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Differs in pathological genesis on: non-infectious, appeared after an injury, excessive load on the limb (aseptic); caused by infectious pathogens - streptococci, staphylococci, syphilis, gonococcus (septic). Bursitis of aristocort occurs quite often in athletes and those people whose work activity is associated with increased stress on the lower extremities.

Achilles bursitis is an inflammatory process that occurs in the articular (synovial) bag. The impetus for the development of the disease can be a sharp lifting of weights, prolonged hypothermia of the body or lower extremities, viral, infectious diseases. To recover from such a disease as Achilles bursitis, the causes of its development must be eliminated. Usually, the disease affects the bursa of one limb, with a chronic course or development against the background of autoimmune diseases, bilateral Achilles bursitis occurs.

Achilles bursitis, its symptoms and the clinical picture of the course are pronounced: sharp pain at the point of attachment of the Achilles tendon to the heel bone. pain of a pulsating nature in the muscles, calcaneal tendon. manifestedmuscle tension or weakness, impaired walking. hyperemia, hyperthermia of clear localization in the area of ​​the damaged bursa. swelling of aristocort joint, calcaneus. forced lameness on the affected limb. limitation of articular mobility of the affected area.

Triamcinolone acetonide is due to the increased load placed on the joints, as well as the ligaments of the lower extremities: women abuse the duration of the use of shoes with high heels, with a narrow toe, wedges; men overload muscles, ligaments, tendons during intense training, weight lifting, performing heavy physical work at work and at home; people of both sexes save on the purchase of high-quality shoes made from high-quality materials, with an orthopedic insole; adults often neglect safety precautions and expose the lower limbs to injuries.

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Regardless of gender, over time, the structure of connective, cartilaginous, bone tissue is disturbed, which leads to the development of inflammatory diseases of the articular bag. An increase in body mass index also contributes to an increase in the load on the ankle joint, foot and articular bursae, which act as a shock absorber when walking and running. The consequences of Achilles bursitis lead to tendon rupture, arthritis, impaired motor function of the foot joints.

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If the disease has a bilateral course, then all the symptoms appear on both limbs, which makes it difficult to move independently. In adults and adolescents, this disease manifests itself more often than in young children.

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Inflammation of the articular bag of the heel in children.

In childhood and infancy, inflammatory diseases of synovial bags occur extremely rarely.

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The cause of the appearance of such a disease can be: congenital pathology of the musculoskeletal skeleton; systematic injuries of varying severity of the same bone joint with involvement of the tendon-ligamentous apparatus; hereditary or acquired flat feet; wrong gait; beautiful, but uncomfortable children's shoes.

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The main task of aristocort is to identify a possible pathology of development, timely provision of qualified assistance in case of injuries, purchase of orthopedic, comfortable shoes. Establishing a diagnosis of Achilles bursitis, subject to its classical course, is not difficult.

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Diagnosis of the disease at the very beginning of development improves the further prognosis of the treatment of the disease. The instrumental method is fluoroscopy: the nature of the change in the joint is revealed from the images, assumptions are made about the occurrence of the disease.


The treatment regimen is determined by an experienced doctor of a narrow specialization.